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Fees and Policies

Course Fees
Course fees range from $199 - $245 per class (one exception is the Practicum/Field Study) Materials fee covers online classroom connection or necessary materials for in-person courses. There may be an additional cost of a textbook for some classes.
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If there is a question or challenge of a policy by the student, it should be forwarded to the Program Administrator and the CTE Advisory Board (PEAC) for review.

Course waivers are discussed as part of the Introduction to CTE class. For details on courses that can be waived and the document requirements please see the Waiving Requirements document [Attach pdf].

The CTE program, comprised of non credit classes, does not issue incompletes.
Should a student enrolled in one of the non-credit CTE classes at South Seattle College fail to attain the delineated course outcomes/competencies as outlined per course, the instructor may indicate that person did not pass and will need to retake the class. The decision of whether a student satisfactorily completes a given class (and designated competencies) rests solely with the professional judgment of the course instructor.
If a CTE class has any mandatory “in person” meeting times, full participation at these class sessions is required to complete the competencies for the class. If time is missed, the student will need to retake the class. All mandatory dates and times will be given to the student prior to registering for the class.

Special Note:
Instructors are compensated on the basis of enrolled students in a given class and are not obligated to work with a student who does not satisfactorily complete the course work (or demonstrate the competencies) beyond that given class schedule.

Retaking CTE Class:
Students who fail to complete a class on time will be required to retake that class until all requirements are satisfactorily met. There will be a “retake” fee charged for retaking that class. [Attach pdf]

  • South Seattle College cancels the class, student will receive 100% refund.
  • Withdrawal 2 business days before the first class meeting, less $6 100% less $6
  • Withdrawal less than 2 business days before first day of class 0%
  • Withdrawal after class begins 0%
  • No appearance in class 0%
CTE students taking an online class in Canvas are given a four-day grace period to review the procedures for the online classroom and the course syllabus. It the student feels they will not have the capacity complete the class, they may request in writing, during the four day grace period from the day the class officially started, to drop the class for a refund less the $6 administrative fee.

Refunds or Incomplete
At South Seattle College we are not able to offer refunds for CTE classes after the first five days of class have passed, so please take a look at the syllabus that is posted to see if you will have the time to complete this class. We also are not able to give “incompletes”. If you are unable to complete the class, you will have the option of retaking the class at a reduced rate next time it is offered.

South Seattle College reserves the right to cancel a class 24 hours prior to the start date due to low enrollment, adverse weather or extenuating circumstances. Students will be contacted by e-mail or the phone numbers listed at time of registration.

South Diversity Statement
It is important in this course to recognize the diversity of cultural influences and values. The Office of Equity, Diversity, & Inclusion provides guidance and advice for all students if you need assistance. http://www.southseattle.edu/diversity-and-retention/ Robert-Smith Building (RSB), Room 158; 206-934-6455

ADA/Special Accommodations
ADA If you believe you qualify for course adaptations or accommodations under ADA, it is your responsibility to contact the Disability Support Services Officer and provide the appropriate documentation. If you have already documented a disability or other conditions which would qualify you for accommodations or if you have emergency medical information or special needs please notify the instructor during the first week of class or the CTE Program Administrator or contact Disability Support Services Robert-Smith Building (RSB), Room 12; 206-934-5137, www.southseattle.edu/disability-support