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Spring 2019 Course Schedule
Course Title & Duration Instructional Method Clock Hours Prerequisites
Introduction to CTE
Starts Online: April 9 - June 11 Hybrid
(meeting on 5/4)
30 None
CTE History & Philosophy
Starts Online: April 16- June 18 Online 30 None
CTE Organization and Curriculum
Starts Online: April 16- June 18 Online 30 None
Advanced CTE Strategies
Starts Online: April 2 - June 4 Hybrid
(meeting on 6/1)
30 Needs to be last class
before Practicum
Special note: Courses are delivered in three ways:
Hybrid = On-line instruction plus in-person session(s)
Online = Computer based using Canvas
In-person = classroom instruction and individual performance
Important CTE Information (downloads)
Course List for Earning Initial CTE Certification
Sequence Course Name Notes
Starting Course Introduction to CTE  
Fundamental CTE
Teaching Courses
Classroom Management
CTE Organization & Curriculum Design
Teaching Strategies
* Experienced, certificated teachers may be able to waive these 3 courses. More information on Waiving Policies.
Core CTE Teaching Courses CTE History & Philosophy
CTE Student & Personal Leadership
Advanced CTE Strategies
Legal Issues: Rights and Responsibilities
CTE Classroom Assessment & Evaluation
Integrating Technologies in the CTE Classroom
Program Development: Implementing CTE Standards
* Experienced, certificated teachers take "Program Development: Implementing CTE Standards" in lieu of these 2 courses: "CTE Classroom Assessment & Evaluation" and "Integrating Technologies in CTE Classroom"
Culminating Course Practicum/Field Study Must have successfully completed all courses. With permission, may be taken simultaneously with Advanced CTE Strategies
Optional Course/
Additional Certification
Work-Based Learning
Coordination Techniques